Reggie wears a red square – Season 4, Episode 17 #ReggiesSweaters

reggies sweaters reggie wears a red square season 4 episode 17

OK, I know, I know. Technically it’s a rectangle and not a square. If my liberal use of “square” offends you, maybe Reggie’s Sweaters isn’t for you.

Fabric used:

  • Tomato Kona Cotton Solids
  • Riviera Kona Cotton Solids
  • Black Kona Cotton Solids
  • Nautical Kona Cotton Solids (though, like Pastel Stripes, I realize this colour choice was off. It really should have been Juniper Kona Cotton Solids, a fact I discovered after the block was finished)
  • Schoolbus Kona Cotton Solids
Since CB!B! season 4 is not on Netflix Canada, this was the clearest image I could find


< 2 hours




Pretty simple to put together this one.

  1. I started with the red square, then built out the blue rectangle, then the black rectangle.
  2. Then I made the “sleeves”, starting with the orange rectangles, then added the navy bits, then finally the black tops.
  3. To finish, I put the 3 columns together, pressed seams, then trimmed to size.

Finished quilt block that resembles the sweater Reggie Watts wore on Season 4 Episode 17


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