Reggie wears triangles – Season 3, Episode 7 #ReggiesSweaters

reggies sweaters reggie wears navy triangles season 3 episode 7

Fabric used:

  • Nautical Kona Cotton Solids (main colour)
  • Fern Kona Cotton Solids (top triangle)
  • Delft Kona Cotton Solids (solid line)
  • Cadet Kona Cotton Solids (broken line)
  • Riviera Kona Cotton Solids (large triangle)
  • Tomato Kona Cotton Solids (red triangle)
  • Flame Kona Cotton Solids (I ended up not using this because the block was too tall)
  • Orange Kona Cotton Solids
  • Grellow Kona Cotton Solids (bottom triangle)

IMG_0430 (2)


~6 hours (or you could use applique to save yourself a bunch of time and effort)




I’m not even going to pretend like I had specific steps in mind as I was putting this one together. I started by cutting the centre triangles in Nautical, then sewing the strips of colours around the outside (like you’d piece a log cabin). Then I used the finished triangle as a guide to cut the angle needed for the Nautical fabric to complete each row. I ended up wasting with a lot of navy scraps after this one.

Finish quilt block that mirrors the sweater Reggie wore on s3 e7 of comedy bang bang


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