Reggie wears tiny birds – Season 3, Episode 17 #ReggiesSweaters

Tiny birds!! Who doesn’t love tiny birds!! This sweater has been my favourite to replicate thus far in my project. I’ve never worked with such tiny pieces before and expected it to be tedious. In reality, I loved it! Can’t you tell by my liberal use of exclamation points?!


Fabric used:

  • Navy Kona Cotton Solids – background
  • Delft Kona Cotton Solids – tiny blue squares, cut from a 1″ strip
  • Flame Kona Cotton Solids – red triangles, cut from a 1.5″ strip
  • Grellow Kona Cotton Solids – yellow triangles, cut from a 1″ strip

s3 e17 reggie watts comedy bang bang


~8 hours




I guess you could say I improvised this one? Roughly:

  1. I started by cutting the different strips into the following pieces:
    1. Grellow: 13 triangles with 1.5″ base
    2. Delft: 13 squares, 1″ each
    3. Flame: 13 triangles with 2″ base
    4. Navy: 13 triangles with 2″ base (same size as the Flame triangles)
    5. Navy: 13 rectangles with 45 degree angled edge, 1.25″ tall by about 2.5″ wide
    6. Navy: 13 rectangles with 45 degree angled edge, 1.75″ tall by about 2.5″ wide
  2. Then I pieced things in this order Close up of the finished bird block, with numbers over the pieces
    1. Piece 1 to 2
    2. Piece 3 to 4
    3. Piece 5 to 3-4
    4. Piece 6 to 1-2
    5. Piece 1-2-6 to 3-4-5
    6. Piece 7 to 1-2-3-4-5-6
    7. Piece 8 to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
  3. Then I mapped out the 13 birds on a 15″ block and realized I had made the surrounding Navy too narrow.
  4. I added Navy between each bird column (I think it was about 3.5″ fabric, or 3″ finished)
  5. Then I added 1″ sashing between each column
  6. Then I finally finished the outer columns with 3″ wide strips

Again, like Navy Triangles, I ended up with a lot of Navy scraps on this one. But what can you do, it was a fun block to make.

s3 e17 reggie watts


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