Reggie wears a psychedelic spaceship – Season 3, Episode 4 #ReggiesSweaters

Hey, I’m back! It’s been a while. Thanks for sticking around.

I’ve finished my masters degree and took some time to rest and recover, and finally ready to start this project up again! As before, new posts will come on Fridays.

Here’s today’s block.


Fabric used:

I’ve lost all the stickers that labelled the fabric names, so I’m taking a guess at what they are.

  • Nautical Kona Cotton Solids – background
  • Flame Kona Cotton Solids – main roof colour
  • Jade Kona Cotton Solids – top arm stripe
  • Riviera Kona Cotton Solids – outer body stripe
  • Delft Kona Cotton Solids – inner body stripe
  • Lemon Kona Cotton Solids – shoulder triangles
  • Ice Frappe Kona Cotton Solids – background
  • Sage Kona Cotton Solids – bottom arm stripe

s3 e4 reggie watts comedy bang bang


~6 hours



s3 e4


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