About Reggie’s Sweaters

Reggie Watts: musician, comedian, style icon.

While Reggie’s Golf Sweater may be the most famous piece in his wardrobe, fans of Comedy Bang! Bang! know his sweater game is unparalleled. Let’s celebrate Reggie’s lesser-known beauties!

Here on Reggie’s Sweaters, I am creating a patchwork tribute to the sweaters Reggie Watts has worn throughout his 3 1/2 seasons on Comedy Bang! Bang!

My goal is to recreate each sweater as a 15″ quilt block, then stitch them all together into one queen-sized quilt. Quilters will know this as a sampler quilt, which is basically a quilt made up of unique blocks, assembled using a variety of techniques (standard piecing, appliqué, paper piecing, improv piecing, etc).

New blocks posted once a week. Check out the Block Map to see how the blocks will be fitting together.



About the Quilter

My name is Alaina and I like to quilt. This project was inspired by the work of: