Reggie wears a cozy time coffin – Season 2, Episode 6 #ReggiesSweaters

Happy Good Friday, everyone!

This block is my first dip into machine appliqué and embroidery! Simple design that was perfect to learn from. This sweater comes from Kin Ship Goods.

s2 e6 reggies sweaters cozy time coffin

Fabric/supplies used:

  • Ash Kona Cotton Solids – 15″ square (my picture makes the fabric look a bit lighter than it actually is)
  • Black Kona Cotton Solids – scraps, or about a fat 1/8th (with plenty left over)
  • Heat & bond, the kind you can sew over
  • 2692 (black) Aurifil thread, 40 wt
  • 2600 (silver) Aurifil thread, 50 wt (because that’s what I had on hand – the thicker thread works better for this)
  • 8″ embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery foot for my sewing machine
  • Spray starch

IMG_0415 (3)


~ 2 hours




  1. Before I started, I starched the ash fabric to help it keep it’s shape.
  2. Then I cut a 15″ square of kraft paper and sketched the coffin pieces. Then I cut out the shapes to make a paper template, and used a chalk pencil to mark the ash fabric for placement.
  3. I ironed the Heat & Bond to the back of my black fabric, then traced the template pieces onto it and cut out the shapes.
  4. Then, position the black shapes onto the ash fabric, and iron them on following the Heat & Bond instructions.
  5. After it cooled, I used a wide and close zig-zag stitch (on my Kenmore machine, I used about a 2.5 width and a 0.5 length) and stitched around all the pieces, making sure the outer border of my stitches were in the ash, but my needle was touching the black.
  6. Next I sketched the “Cozy Time” words onto the block, using a chalk pencil.
  7. Using the embroidery hoop to prevent puckering and the same stitch settings for the appliqué, I machine-stitched the letters as shown.
  8. I swapped the black thread for the silver thread to stitch the cross.
  9. To finish, I sunk all the threads to the back. I doubt this is the proper technique, but whatever.

IMG_4266 (2)


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