Reggie wears terracotta diamonds – Season 2, Episode 2 #ReggiesSweaters

season 2 episode 2 terracotta diamonds reggies sweaters

Fabric used:

  • Kona Cotton Solids Terracotta
  • Kona Cotton Solids Cocoa
  • Kona Cotton Solids Juniper
  • Kona Cotton Solids Bone
  • Kona Cotton Solids Lemon
  • Kona Cotton Solids Delft

reggie watts comedy bang bang season 2 episode 2


~4 hours




These are loose directions because I just kind of figured things out as I went.

  1. Cut the small diamonds (delft, cocoa, terracotta and juniper) so they are 2 5/8″ on all sides
  2. Cut the large diamons (lemon, terracotta, bone) so they are 4 1/2″ on each side
  3. Piece the block in quarters, dividing along the centre X
    1. Piece together one lemon and 2 terracotta diamonds
    2. Piece together one bone and 2 terracotta diamonds
    3. Piece together the cocoa, juniper, delft, terracotta for each side, as mirror images of each other
  4. Piece each large diamond quarter to a small diamond, so the block is in two halves along the diagonal
  5. Line up the centres and attach the two halves
  6. Square up the centre panel, then add sashing in bone to top and bottom

Quilt block that looks like the sweater Reggie Watts wore on Season 2 Episode 2 of Comedy Bang Bang


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